Pensja Debiutantek

The educational part, is basend on pre-war education institutes for women, and knwledge on „life important“ knowledge.
During the year, once a month, the Debutantes meet in Wilanów Palace in the Royal Dinning Room – in which king John III Sobieski and his wife held ceremonies.
During festive months, the Debutantes meet at Hotel OSSA Congress & Spa.

Ninth Debiutante Academy

The holidays are over, and with the start of September the Wilanów Debutantes met for the their ninth „Porcelain Academy“.

On Saturday Ms Katarzyna Liwa took us to the magical world of porcelain, and its history. We were shown how to tell faience apart from real porcelain, as well as primary signatures used on pottery, which you can use to tell when it was made. 

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