The "Debutante" project

The first „Debutante“ project started on the 27th of november 2012, and will end with a „Debutante Bal“ in January 2014.

An end to the meetings, a „Debutante Ball“ is held, during which the debutantes present themselves in white ball gowns, designed by polish fashion designers. During the ceremony, the organisors hand out scholarships and „Aleksandra“ statuettes for the benefactors of the project.

The history of organising debutante balls begun in the english aristocracy environment, whose teenage daughters were introduced to the queen and brought into the circle. The British tradition had a great impact on European debutante balls, especially the Vienna Opera Ball. The first ball in Vienna was held over 100 years ago, which then expanded to Paris, where they also became famous in the upper class community.

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