Ninth Debiutante Academy

The holidays are over, and with the start of September the Wilanów Debutantes met for the their ninth „Porcelain Academy“.

On Saturday Ms Katarzyna Liwa took us to the magical world of porcelain, and its history. We were shown how to tell faience apart from real porcelain, as well as primary signatures used on pottery, which you can use to tell when it was made. 

Everything happened in the 7th century in China. Porcelain was a luxurious produce, so special, it was called „white gold“. At the beginning of the 18th century, Ehrenfield Walther discovered its recipe, after long years of experiments and work. However, for a long time, his student Johann Friedrich Böttger, took credit for his findings. Böttger was the one to open a factory, which is used today in Meissen.

The introduction of porcelain, faience and the use of new delicate teapots and plates, instead of heavy metal or brass plates, was  one of the most important changes that happened on European tables in the 18th century. Porcelain was a fashionable and expensive set ot tableware. 

Before porcelain was accepted fully on tables of aristocratic familes and rich burgess, it wasn’t fully trusted. To begin with, it was dealt with disgust. 

People who were used ot metal tableware, thought porcelain was very fragile, instable and dangerous. 

The next part of the Academy was devoted to meetings with Polish porcelain producers.

In the afternoon, the representatives from the best Polish porcelain factories Chodzież and Ćmielów, visited the White Room in Wilanów Palace. 

After the presentation, there was a surprise for each Debutante – a snow white tea cup, with hand painted initials in gold. 

After the lecture, there was time for some relaxing time with a cup of tea, after which Nela Kokoszka gave us a tour of the lovely gardens surrounding Wilanów Palace. 

Sunday was magical and full of dancing.

The ladies met the members of the „Warszawianka“ band from the University of Warsaw. 

They were taught the steps to the Polonaise and the Vienniese Waltz, all with the help of the bands director Mr Jan Łosakiewicz. 

You will have to wait until January, to see the effects of their work. Then the ladies will dance in lovely white dresses by the side of cavaliers.

Karolina Wyszomirska

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