Kolejność losowa.

Antonina Oraczewska

A 19 year old from Sulejówek, studying at the University of Warsaw. In the future she would like to expand her knowledge on a variety of levels. Enjoys fashion and sewing. Enjoys the asian culture, and would like to visit Taiwan. A film, theatre performance or a good book are also something she enjoys.

„The debutante project is an opportunity to meet new people and learn from each other. It is also a new experience with new challenges“.

Aleksandra Wąsik

A 19 year old, from Stalowa Wola. Studies cosmetology at the Medical University in Łodż. Wants to broaden her knowledge and gain new skills. She likes to draw and spend time with friends. She would like to „see happiness of her close ones everyday“.
„The debutante project is an interesting adventure, an opportunity to learn something new, inspires to do things, and an important experience“.


Aleksandra Linda

Inspired by Dalai Lamas views on life and humanity. Interested in designing. In the future she would like to connect fashion design and travelling to distant and majestic places. Won’t share her dreams, as they are a secret. Likes ballroom dancing and horse riding.

Marlena Jakubowska

A 24 year old from Kłodzka, and graduate of the College of Management in Wrocław. In the future she would like to promote a healthy lifestyle, and teach women how to see there inside and outside beauty. Interested in welness and spa, natural medicine and martial arts. Enjoys travelling and helping others.

„The debutante project is my dream, which has been fulfilled thanks to belief and the positive energy of the people surrounding me. It is an opportunity for gaining new experience“.

Aleksandra Michalczyk

A 19 year old from Warsaw, studying at the Waraw School of Economics. Wants to live an interesting life, in order to „have something important to share with my grandchildren“. In the future she would like to fulfill her passions. Dreams of speaking in a number of languages and travelling to interesting places. Likes to play the piano, draw, paint and also cook.

„The debutante project is an opportunity, to grow, to break our boundaries and learn a lot of new things.


Magdalena Furgał

An 18 year old from Warsaw, studying at Andrzej Frycz Modrzejewski Secondary School. Plans to pass her exams, attend university according to her interests and not to forget about her social life. Plays the piano, dances since she has been a child. Dreams of distant travels.

„The project is an opportunity to develop. I can learn a lor of new things, and meet a lot of inspirational people“.

Dominika Dercz

An 18 year old from Warsaw, studying at Jan Kochanowski Secondary School. Dreams of travelling, in the future she would like to volunteer in Africa or Asia. Music is an important part of her life, she plays on the saxophone. Listens to Crystal Fighters and enjoys swimming.

„The debutante project gives us the opportunity to learn about interesting things, which are frequently forgotten about these days“.


Natalia Listwan

A 23 year old from Maków Podhalański. Passionate about singing and music, an opera singer student. In the future she would like to perform at the opera. She belives that „everyday is an invitation to happiness“. Discovers herself while listening to „Should be true“ by Phaeleh.
„The debutante project is a new challenge, an opportunity to meet new, very interesting people. It is educational and magic“.

Agnieszka Wójcicka

A 19 year old from Warsaw, studying at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology. Would like to live in peace with herself, fulfill herself not only in her career but also things she is passionate about. Doesn’t want to regret things that once made her smile. Interested in architecture and modern art.

„The debutante project gives me the opportunity to meet new, and interesting people, a change from everyday life“.

Angelika Pawlak

A 21 year old student from Warsaw, studying at Łazarski University. Wants to meet new people, and go on a trip around the world. Likes spending time with her friends. Believes that nothing doesn’t happen for a reason. Her plans for the future? To be happy.
„The debutante project is a very interesting experience for me. I meet a lot of important people. The academy is very inspiring and interesting“.

Kinga Luks

A 22 year old from Barszczewo, studies design at The Poznań School of Social Sciences. Lagerfeld and Chanel are her father figures. In the future she would like to become a fashion designer, to travel the world and be surrounded by amazing people. Her motto is „Do what you enjoy, and you will bever have to work“.

„The debutante project is a new experience for me, during which I gain knowledge from notable people, meet new friends and have fun“.

Natalia Czerniejewska

A 24 year old from Warsaw, studies at the Warsaw Agricultural University. Interested in fashion, film and sports. In the future she would like to have a big family, and to achieve her goal of becoming an actress. She could spend her tme travelling and visiting new places. In her free time, she spends time with her best friends.

„The debutante project lets me experience something new, and learn new things“.

Renata Jażdżewska

A 22 year old from Człuchowo, studying at the University of Gdańsk. She plans to be happy in life, and her motto says that „expect the best, but be prepared for the worst“. Dreams of a satisfying job, which will let her have a personal life. Enjoys photography.

„The debutante project is an opportunity to gain new skills, broadening your horizons and meeting new people“.

Klaudia Górska

A 22 year old from Zamość, studies at the Medical University in Lublin. Likes singing, and is interested in fashion and music. Dreams of starting a family. In the future she would like to graduate, and look after peoples smiles and teeth as a stomatologist.

„The debutante project is a new experience for me, an opportunity to meet new people. It lets us learn about interesting things, gives me more self confidence“.

Olga Mazur

Plans to study at the Academy of Fine Arts, and practice french abroad. Dreams of a family, and a calm life outside the city, painting and running a house. Passionate about drawing, and spending time at concerts and music festivals.

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