Easter Workshops – Poppy-seed cake

The Debutantes Sixth Academy

The Debutanes meet for the sixth time for their monthly academy. This time they were invited to the Warsaw Film School. They had the opportunity to listen to a lecture by Wojciech Rawecki, and talk to a film and theatre actor Andrzej Mastelarz.

The Debutantes Sixth Academy

The Debutantes Sixth Academy

Preparation for the May Fashion Show in MSKPU

The Debutantes spent their time in the International School of Costume and Design, which is one of the partners during our May show. They picked and studied the works of young designers.

A meeting with underwear stylists from Samanta

The Debutantes meeting with underwear stylists.

The „Maria’s of the Royal Court“ Fashion Show

May, full-on spring and a lovely smelling Royal Garden and beautiful Wilanów Palace.

We invite you to an extraordinary fashion show, „Maria’s of the Royal Court“.

We will visit the past, during times of crinoline, embroidery and lace. We will see outifts inspired by Maria Kazimieraz and countess Maria Walewska, as well as modern outfits styled by he young Debutantes.

See you in Wilanów on May 18th, at 21:00.


Fittings before the „Maria’s of the Royal Court“ Fashion Show.

The „Maria’s of the Royal Court“ Fashion Show

Muesum Night. A Fashion show produced by the Wilanów Debutantes from three different points, baroque, empire and modern ones.

On Sunday, May 18th, we visited the olden times with the Debutantes. Times of crinoline, embroidery, pearls and lace. We saw outfits inspired by Maria Kazimierza and countess Maria Walewska, along with modern pieces designed by students and graduates of MSKPU.

The June Debutante Academy

Another Debutante Academy has passed. The weekend started of with a lecture about looking after our body at SkinClinic. The Debutantes had the opportunity to check the measurements of their silhouette. Using special machines, they analised their body mass, fat, muscles, bones nd checked their metabolic rate. After a full analysis they had a relaxing time.

On Saturday afternoon, the Debutantes met with Ms Alicja Mossakowska, a teacher from the Wiwat Choir. With her help, they prepaired their voices. After enough practice of the „Debutante“ song, they were congratulated.


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